Slovenia. My country.
I bought my new iPhone 5, which was unlocked and probably the cheapest in the world, in India.
Being all naive, I found out that I cannot use it with my old sim card.
So, it had to wait for me to return to Slovenia and activate it with a new micro card. Thanks, Dren 🙂
When I was buying the new iPhone I really couldn’t wait to start using the Panoramic view and Siri options.
Panoramic option here I come! Siri can wait…
7 years in India taught me to love my motherland more, that’s why this cycle Slovenia. My country.
Wherever I go, I take my iPhone with me. It is easy, it is simple, it is fun.
Enjoy my country with me. And one day you may come and visit it, you won’t be sorry…
It is small, it is beautiful and versatile in all four seasons.
Let’s get started!
P.S. 108 sounds great!